The Rainbow Book

A directory for Safe Venues and Haven Stays for LGBTQIA+ Artists and Musicians


Bluegrass Pride aims to uplift the genre of bluegrass as a whole to receive LGBTQ+ folks openly, and to promote allyship with all marginalized peoples. However, there is negativity in our world that we must still overcome and actively conspire against as an organization. Inspired by Victor Hugo Green’s *The Negro Motorist Green Book* and  the PinkPages, we sought to create a secure system of venues, businesses, and private homes for  queer performers and their allies to play their music and be their most authentic selves. Thus, the creation of “The Rainbow Book.” “The Rainbow Book,” which includes the The Safe Venue Directory and Haven Stay Network, provides vetted resources for those who identify within the LGBTQ+ community and other marginalized performers looking to safely sleep, perform, and gather across the U.S. Our intent is that they can easily refer to this document for trustworthy options.

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